Our World

Our journey started years ago when I discovered the beautiful world of fabrics.

Starting as a fashion designer I always followed the beauty and the harmony, not only in art and fashion but in our world, all around us.

I believe that reliable products begin with the people and the environment. People’s decisions made the environment the way it is today and we want to help people consciously make better decisions.

We want to take part of this effort of bringing balance to the world by creating long lasting products, by using natural fabrics and by doing our best to make all our packaging from reusable and sustainable materials.

In everything we do we aim help to preserve our planet by blending innovation with tradition and do not waste.

  • No excessive production, no complicated supply chains and no mindless consumption.
  • All our team members are female, as we seek to empower women universally with a deep commitment to help and grow together.
  • Since the beginning, our design ethos has put enduring style and quality first. We believe that our choices, our wardrobes and our lives can do more with less.

We are passionate about innovations in fashion world, in textiles and improving through technology our lifestyle

  • We create a range of natural, clean, elegant and non-conforming timeless fashion items which gives you comfort, confidence and through technology improving YOUR WELL-BEING.
  • We use revolutionary and patented technology to treat our fabrics in order to improve our experiences and our well being.
  • We use innovative technology that constantly protects the environment. We are committed to sourcing quality materials that will have less impact on the environment. But it’s not just the fabrics and trims that make a product sustainable, it’s working to ensure that the processes we use are kind to the planet too.

Our design ethos focuses on creating pieces that are effortless and which transcend seasonal trends, fitting seamlessly within any modern wardrobe. We choose longevity over passing trends. Our atelier values craftsmanship and quality.

Every piece we create is timeless and made to last. From the mood behind a collection to the subtle construction of a cuff, these creative details are part of what gives our understated garments integrity. Style comes with substance, form follows function. 

  • We designed our packaging to incorporate more sustainable and fully recyclable materials. Our number one priority is reducing the volume of materials used. 
  • We do not use plastic packaging to protect our garments during transportation, and all of our packaging are reusable. 
  • We aim to achieve 100% recycled, reusable or compostable packaging.